Get your space paudhafied in 5 simple steps!

1.Consultation & Site visit

Talk to our experts or fill the form and tell us about your space. Based on your requirements and type of space, our team of experts will guide you to select the right package for your dream space.

Book a site visit to let us understand your space better. Our expert will visit your site, take measurements and understand your requirements. 

2.Book Design services

  • Pay the design fees and seal the deal

 Once you are happy with our work and able to materialise your requirements, pay the design fees to get customized design tailored to your needs.

3.Place the order

  • Start the order process with 50% payment
  • Finalise the design, and your project is now off to a good start.
  • Work commences
  • Civil work begins on site

You’re half way there. Your orders are raised!

4. Execution and installation

  • Pay 40% at execution milestone 1
  • Manufacturing of orders in process and you’re mid-way through your project.
  • Installation
  • Orders get delivered on-site and installation happens as per design
  • Pay 10% at execution milestone 2

All the hardscape is done, before installation of softscape like plants, grass etc.

   Hurrah, you are done!

5.Sit Back & Relax

Your dream outdoor space is now ready.

The Team

The Design Lead (DL)

The Design Lead thoroughly grasps your needs and design preferences, ensuring your garden becomes a seamless extension of your home, perfectly tailored to your unique style and vision.



The Business Manager(BDM)

To guarantee a seamless outdoor design experience, your dedicated Business Manager oversees every step of the process, ensuring a smooth journey without any bumps along the way.

The Project Manager(PM)

Your Project Manager takes the helm of on-site execution, making it their top priority to ensure your garden is impeccably prepared and ready right on schedule.

Understand your payment schedule and order types

Understanding our payment process might seem daunting, but it’s actually quite straightforward. We’ve broken it down into manageable stages along your Outdoor garden journey, allowing you to make small payments as your project progresses.

S No


Execution Milestone 1 (Pay 40%)

Execution Milestone 2 (Pay 10%)

Order Type 1

Civil & MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing)

MEP base work

MEP fixtures & fittings, final painting & handover

Order Type 2

Custom-made Items (workshop)

Carcass quality check completion

Installation & handover

Order Type 3

Custom-made items(on-site)

Framework completion

Finishing & handover

Order Type 4

Catalogue products/ Plants


Make 100% payment for delivery & installation