Millennials love pets. They spend most of their time and salary on pet stores, buying food, collars, and accessories. But recently we have observed a shift in this trend. They are becoming a plant mom.

Indoor plants or Air purifying plants aren’t a unique concept. As a matter of fact, humans nurturing plants and trees in pots dates back to the hanging gardens of Babylon!

But recently, plants have experienced a massive boost in demand, particularly with Millennials and Gen Z. Why so?

For younger generations who stay alone, the universal lockdown is proving to be tougher day by day. With workload swelling and no family to spend time with, they are in search of new ways to divert their minds from negative news and take care of themselves.

Further, the new generation is in no mood to start families or prefers to not have kids at all. Some just prefer the ease and flexibility of a child-free way of life or would willingly prioritize career and voyage.

Speaking of travel, which is a heartthrob for Millennials, indoor plants perform way better than dogs/ cats or children. Especially, when there is a need to leave them alone for days or weeks.

And considering, humans have an inherent urge to nurture something and plants are becoming the new hot topic.

Daisy, a plant owner says, “There’s something special about seeing that your plant is producing a new bud and watching your plant mature before your eyes beneath your attention. It’s very pleasant!”

So let us see what exactly the reason for pulling millennials towards indoor plants is.

Indoor Plants needs Low Maintenance

A lot of apartments have a ‘no-no’ policy for pets. Meanwhile, having indoor plants or air purifying plants allows the younger generation to use their energy to nurture a living creature, which in turn gives them freshness and a sense of motherhood.

Sure, plants may not be as fluffy as a dog, and they don’t greet by running at the door after a hard day. But they are low maintenance. Just by watering them once a week, Millennials feel the accomplishment of growing a living entity for multiple years.

Adds Greenery to their mood

Due to the shrinking of paychecks, several millennials are living on top of each other in tiny flats. Hence, their dream of owning huge yards is on pause mode.

Indoor plants allow them to take the appeal of an outside lawn and create their personal balcony garden. And what’s more pleasing than sipping a cup of hot beverage and looking at the lush green plants swaying in the wind?

Plus, plants as gift never go out of style. They are a gift that symbolizes beauty and good fortune. And it stays with the person as long as they nurture it well.

A great source of physical and mental benefits

Apart from travel, Millennials, and Gen Z love wellness. Yoga pants are a norm and “self-care” is a part of our day to day vocabulary. And plants take care of both physical and mental health.

The health impacts of nature on our wellbeing are not a hidden fact. And having a plant inside just makes those perks much more accessible for the younger generations.

Have no time for hiking? Clip your philodendrons instead.

Indoor plants and Air purifying plants have taken all over social media, particularly Instagram. Beautiful houseplant photos are inspiring others as well to be a part of this Generation Z “mom culture”. If you are still lagging behind in this trend, get yourself a plant pet today!