Balcony gardens are an excellent opportunity to create a green space where you can grow small plants or veggies, or anything that suits your innovation to go green. Our expert team at Paudha carries a vast knowledge and expertise in gardening and we use that advantage to create beautiful lush green gardens for you. We carry a wide range of exotic flowers, indoor and outdoor plants, garden ornaments, pots and planters, garden decor and essentials, and all supplies required for urban gardening. Green up your space with Paudha and give back to nature.



greenery speaks


We have a full support package for maintenance and timely service. Our staff takes care of everything from irrigation, cutting, pruning and replacement of the dry plants.

Twice a week, the Gardener will come and water the plants, cut old & dried leaves, brush the plants with dust. Manure as per plan and spray pesticides.

The unhealthy/dried out plants will be replaced every two weeks. 

Oh, yes, we do! We have all the air-purifying indoor plants for workplaces.

No, absolutely not In the pest control schedule table, mosquito repellent spray is also added and it will be sprayed on a periodic basis.

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