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Get your space designed from the comfort of your home. This service is avaialable PAN India where we visualize your home gardens, and you design them on your own! This interactive design consulting service is tailored specially for those of you who wish to take matters into your own hands so that you can work on your gardens with ease and independence, and be guided by us throughout the way. Paudha gives you a basis for creating magnificence on your own. What’s more liberating than visualising greatness and achieving it on your own! So for customised designs for your indoor or outdoor spaces, contact us, and let us help you create the room of your dreams!

Benefits of Home Garden

How it works

This section includes details about Paudha’s online Green Makeover consultation.


Video/ Audio Consultation

The team will question you about the patterns of sunlight and other variables in the field. You are expected to share the area's photographs and measurements. In addition to lump sum costing data, we will also share some suggestions about how the room can be converted.

Mood board/ Design ideas for the space

We will discuss our design model along with preliminary price estimates after the site tour. This will provide choices for items and plants (planters, seating, flooring, lighting, etc.) as well as suggestions for their location, and stock availability.

Video/ Audio Consultation Final Plan and implementation overview

After the final decision is made, the precise specifics of the appropriate arrangement and varieties of plants and how things will be applied can be sorted out.

Video/ Audio Consultation 3- Delivery & Installation:

Once the client procure all the products, they are required to share the pictures of the items and we can guide them on call regarding installation of all the products.


We will have all the required maintenance information, such as watering frequency, manure, etc., after installation.

We are eagerly waiting to transform your space.


It normally takes 3-4 days for us to prepare the space depending on the room we are planning. Well, the inspiration is focused on execution.

We usually take note during design that all the components are either available online or can be conveniently procured from the market.

We also have a comprehensive step-wise schedule for implementation with the finalisation of concept, including procurement, implementation and more.

Our staff can provide you with a comprehensive guide to maintenance tips and tricks once the garden is set up.

It can surely be daunting to own so many plants and take care of them, without much knowledge about it. To make your lives easier, we always provide personalized cheat sheets to help you keep your new plants alive and fresh. The sheets cover all information ranging from sun exposure to water intake.If you still have more questions or queries, and want to connect with us over chat or call, we always keep our lines open for you!

Maintaining artificial grass is a quick and easy, hassle free process. Just use a mope to do the usual cleaning or wash it with water. Make sure to brush it against the grass threads in reverse. Ensure that you wash it on a sunny day, to allow the water to dry off.

2D Layout

Our team will help you build a design concept + furniture layout according to your need.

15/sq ft or Rs.5000 whichever is higher

Exclusive GST

2D Layout+ 3D Design


Our team of  designers will help you visualise your space by creating excellent 3D design renders.

75/ sq ft or Rs. 12500 whichever is higher

Exclusive GST


A TO Z Design

 Our team of designers will create a 3d + 2d (Autocad ) + Working drawings to help you design your home easily

Save up to 20% of your total execution cost by prior planning

105/ sq ft or Rs. 18000 whichever is higher

Exclusive GST


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