With rapid urbanization rising at the speed of lightning, we are experiencing a reduction in greenery in India. The resulting effect of reduced green cover has led to higher temperatures and increased dust pollution. A terrace garden is an excellent way to grow and maintain greenery in our day-to-day life. We at Paudha help you create the perfect terrace garden that best suits your landscape. You can use this place for a more private getaway and grow all types of plants, herbs, and grass. So what are you waiting for, green up your space with Paudha today!



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How it works

Our step by step process will guide you to get easy, hassle free, and customized Home Garden setups


Consultation and site visit

The team will take measurements, analyze patterns of sunlight and other factors in the field. We will also share some thoughts about how the room can be converted along with cash value costing information.

Mood board & price estimate

We will present our design concept along with rough price estimates after the site visit. This will provide choices for products and plants along with placement suggestions for them.

Final Proposal, Quote and Implementation Overview

Once the plan is approved and the selection of planter types/plants is made, we can hammer out the exact specifics and include a rough implementation timeline along with the comprehensive price estimate.

Delivery & Setup

We will communicate with the client and distribute and install all the products once all our products are ready.


We will provide all the required maintenance information, such as watering frequency, manure, etc., after installation.

We are eagerly looking forward to refining your gardens with nature and love!


We have a full support package for maintenance and timely service. Our staff takes care of everything from irrigation, cutting, pruning and replacement of the dry plants.

Twice a week, the Gardener will come and water the plants, cut old & dried leaves, brush the plants with dust. Manure as per plan and spray pesticides.

The unhealthy/dried out plants will be replaced every two weeks. 

Oh, yes, we do! We have all the air-purifying indoor plants for workplaces.

No, absolutely not In the pest control schedule table, mosquito repellent spray is also added and it will be sprayed on a periodic basis.

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